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In Digital Marketing, Build Your Own Career Path

Digital marketing can be a nebulous career path. It has not always been so. When I got started in digital marketing in Chicago, I was hired as one of two “digital marketing guys.” This was 2006. Companies had no idea how to optimize or make money in paid search. I learned through the school of […]

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September: A Busy Month for Google

Google rolled out some interesting updates impacting small business in the 3-pack in September.  Many small businesses started seeing a shift around September 1.  This updated was dubbed the “Possum” update.  (Gotta’ love the creativity for the name selection!  🙂 )  In this update, both organic and local pack URLs moved significantly. Possum represents a […]

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Tools for determining the speed of your Site

Good article analyzing some of the tools for assessing the speed of a WordPress (or any) site.   How long does it take for your WordPress website to load? Two seconds? Three seconds? Heaven forbid, more than four seconds? If you don’t know, there’s a good chance that a slow-loading website is costing you pageviews […]

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John Donelson, my 7th Grand Uncle and Founder of Nashville

John Donelson (1718-1785) was born in Virginia.  He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses before moving to the Watauga settlements  in East Tennessee.  Along with James Robertson, he cofounded Fort Nashborough in 1780, which would eventually become Nashville, TN.  John Donelson is also the father of Rachel Stokley Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson.  Therefore, this makes Andrew Jackson […]

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Marketing Secrets of the Donald Trump Campaign

Well, you gotta’ hand it to him:  like him or hate him, Trump knows how to get the word out.  Never has there been a Presidential candidate who has caused such a splash.  According to Google Trends data, Trump gets 5-7X as many searches for his name in Google as Hillary Clinton (the next most […]

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Google Analytics Referrer Spam Issue Is A Known Issue

Many site owners have become very aware of this new problem plaguing Google Analytics.   For months now, Google Analytics users have been complaining about referrer spam showing up in their analytics. This is an ongoing problem, still without a resolution. There are tons of complaints in Source: Google Analytics Referrer Spam Issue Is A […]

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Turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox to Make Pages Load 44% Faster

Even if you don’t care about the privacy implications of tracking cookies and other technologies sites use to identify us online, you might want to turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox anyway for a potential big speed boost. Source: Turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox to Make Pages Load 44% Faster

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Facebook Graph Search Commands

Most people don’t know about the robust search functionality of Facebook. Here is a breakout of some of the things you can search for in FB:

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WordPress Breadcrumbs, Yoast Style, get them Now!

Creating Breadcrumbs in WordPress isn’t always easy, the Yoast Breadcrumbs plugin allows you to easily create WordPress Breadcrumbs! Source: WordPress Breadcrumbs, Yoast Style, get them Now!

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Compressing WordPress images

This is a great article on WordPress image compression.  This is a frequently underutilized method of improving SEO.  Sites routinely serve up images that are way too big.  And, the pages suffer conversion and traffic losses as a result of it. Source: How To: Optimizing Your Web Images – MaxCDN Blog And, this is a […]

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