Consumer Products that Just… Work…

Meet my clock – my alarm clock by my bedside.  This is a plain old GE alarm clock sold in the early ’90s.  My parents got it for me when I went off to Vanderbilt.  Here is a consumer product that works.  And, it has kept on workinIMG_9443g since I was a freshman in college –  amazing!  I have not chose to invest in fancy clock/docking stations that play my Spotify app from my iPhone when I wake up.  Why would I do that when I can wake up to local country radio?

There just aren’t many consumer products made like this anymore.  My phone has a max usage life of 2-3 years before it’s no longer operational.  Computers… 3-4 – if you are lucky.

It’s almost like we don’t even have an expectation in this world that things are meant to last.  But, this thing keeps on plugging – year-in and year-out.  I hope I have it for the rest of my life, frankly.  I just wish more electronics were made like this.

Do you have any electronic item in your life like this?

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