The Beginning of the End for Cable

Well it’s here.  SlingTV allows you to get a cheap subscription to ESPN without paying for cable.  I have had so many friends tell me over the years that they would cut the tie with cable – if it were not for the issue with sports.  Here’s the solution to that long-standing problem.

No doubt this will lead to more defections away from cable.  But, I just don’t see this being the big death blow to cable that people may think.  While it may seem cheaper to cut the cord, what you have to pay to replace it really adds up.  $15 to Netflix?  $10 to Hulu?  Throw in HBO and some other services and your are paying through the nose for “app cable”.  If someone like SlingTV can create a means of consolidating more of these services at a lower cost than cable, I think we will see significantly more cord cutting.

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