Henry Ayres: From NC to the War to Robertson County

My 4th Great Grandfather, Henry Ayres, was born in Lunenburg, Virginia (Bedford County) in 1748.  Henry was a 6th generation American.  The first Ayres came to the U.S. in 1620 from England.

Henry married Susanna Elder in 1781 in Surrey, NC.  I find it interesting that they married by the publishing of Bonds – as was the custom at that point in history in that area.

The 1790 census had him as a resident of Spartanburg, SC.  Likely, his time in military service led him to South Carolina and he stayed there for some period with his wife, Susanna Ayres after the War.

Military Service

According to Red River Settlers, Henry Ayres was commanded by an unknown captain in the regiment commanded by Col. Parker of the Virginia Militia.  Henry Ayres service for 4 years.  After one year, he enlisted for 3 (1776-1778).

Henry Ayres claimed to have been involved in the battles of Red Clay Creek (Pennsylvania), Brandywine and Germantown.

We know a great deal about the the military campaigns he was also potentially involved in.  Richard Parker (Ayres’ commanding officer) became a major in the 6th Virginia regiment in August, 1776.  The regiment was transferred to Washington’s main army in September, 1776.

The 6th Virginia was involved in the battles of Trenton and Princeton.  Ultimately, Parker was promoted and it is unclear of Henry’s whereabouts.  But, I believe that military life ultimately led him to South Carolina.  If Henry Ayres did, in fact, stay with Parker, he ended up in Charleston.  And, perhaps, he was involved with the Siege on Charleston.  We also know, however, that he served under Josiah Parker.  Parker was involved in Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and the Siege of Charleston.

After the war, Ayres migrated to Robertson County, TN around 1812.

Henry Ayres was likely a member of the Methodist Church.  My 4th Great Grandfather died in 1833.

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