James Johnston (1759-1850)

James Johnston was known as “Old Sugar Mouth” of Bell Witch fame.  He was born September 16, 1759 and died April 22, 1850, in Robertson County, Tennessee.


  • Rebecca Porter (12/22/1759-1802).  Married:  7/5/1780 (Daughter of David Porter and Mary Thompson)
  • Jane Greer:  Married 12/30/1803.  No children.

Bio:  James Johnston came to Robertson County, in 1800.  He stayed in a fort for two years before locating to his property.  James and Jane Greer Johnston are buried on their property.

His tombstone has this inscription:

“Immortal may his memory be

Who fought and bled for liberty.”


James Johnston served in the North Carolina Continental Line.  He drew a pension in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, in 1832.  (Robertson was at one point a part of Montgomery Co..)

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This is a DAR letter from the Jean Durrett collection, discussing the collection of revolutionary histories for soldiers who served in Robertson County (1972):


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