John Donelson, my 7th Grand Uncle and Founder of Nashville

John Donelson (1718-1785) was born in Virginia.  He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses before moving to the Watauga settlements  in East Tennessee.  Along with James Robertson, he cofounded Fort Nashborough in 1780, which would eventually become Nashville, TN.  John Donelson is also the father of Rachel Stokley Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson.  Therefore, this makes Andrew Jackson my cousin, 7X removed.  This is how I am related to John Donelson:John_Donelson

  • Hugh Henry (1720-1808) | Mary Donalson (1720-1810).  Hugh was my 6th great grandfather and the first of his line in America.  He was born in Virginia.  Hugh married Mary Donalson, the sister of John Donelson – thus my connection to John Donelson.
  • David Henry (1753-1846) | Priscilla E Mooring (1761-1840)  David Henry was the first to migrate to Robertson County, TN.
  • Isaac David Henry (1802-1834) | Elizabeth Winfield (1807-1882)  Isaac was the first of this line to be born in Robertson County.
  • Edward Porter (1818-1898) | Cordelia Porter (1824-1862)
  • Bryant W. Porter (1845-1910) | Nancy A. Powell (1839-1901)
  • Thomas Jasper Porter (1876-1951) | Maud Myrtle Rose (1881-1907)
  • Willie S. Ayres (1894-1948) | Virginia Elise Porter Ayres (1904-2005)
  • Bob Ayres | Marion Ayres
  •  Phil Ayres
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