Omnifocus: The key to keeping my day on track

I am a big fan of indexOmnifocus.  It’s a great mobile app.  But, it’s a great desktop app, as well.  It really does a great job of keeping my life in order.  Admittedly, I don’t max it out to its full product management capabilities.  Even still, I have found it to be very beneficial in keeping my busy life in order.

Here’s how I use it:

  • As much as possible, I try not to use the Inbox.  I try to assign dates to every task as soon as I record it.  Otherwise, it gets stuck in the inbox and I never go back to it.
  • I think it’s a good idea to align the iOS reminders to Omnifocus.  That way, you can have Siri setup the reminder.  And, it will end up in Omnifocus.  But, you have to be diligent about going into the Inbox to assign dates.  Otherwise (again), you will forget about it.
  • Projects:  I classify a Project by an entity or person I need to work with.  That way, if I am in a meeting with a particular person, I can quickly go to a list of tasks that I need to discuss with that person.
  • I don’t really worry about “Contexts“.  I get how it would be beneficial.  But, for me, I really haven’t needed it.
  • I love the ability to repeat tasks by hours, days, weeks.  I use this with so many tasks.
  • Attachments are great.  I like being able to snap a shot of something I need to remember, maintaining it as a task.


  • I do have a significant number of issues with the app crashing (I have an iPhone 5s.).  This continues to occur with recent updates.  I haven’t lost any information because the data is in the cloud.  But, once a week or so, I end up having to delete the app and re-install it.

Recommendations for an improved product:

Dividing line:  I use Omnifocus for both work and home management.  I would love to be able to have a “visual dividing line” to divide up the day between my work and my home.  That way, you can compartmentalize your life and easily see what you have to do when you get home – after working hours.

Omnifocus is an absolutely essential component to the organization of my life.  I couldn’t do without it!


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