Do as they do – not as they say

Years ago when I was getting started in this industry, I was enamored with the Internet marketing gurus. You know who I am talking about. These are the guys that have the huge lists and they email affiliate offers to those lists. I bought some of those courses in my early days of learning search engine optimization, ppc and other forms of digital marketing. That was also a day when information was not so readily available on traffic generation and e-commerce.

I was working with a company in the suburbs of Chicago called the Professional Education Institute. One time we had a guy come visit us who worked with a lot of those Internet marketing guru types. And since I had an interest in what these guys did I was asking him a lot of questions about those guys.

This friend to the gurus gave me some very valuable advice when it comes to observing and following gurus in the industry. He said, “do as they do and not what they say.” When you think about it I think that is some very valuable advice. If some guy is selling a course about some specific niche subject of search marketing he clearly has a greater opportunity to make money off of that by telling you about it then actually practicing it. But yet the methods that he or she uses in selling it to you are very valuable in educating you on the practice of Internet marketing.

Today I still belong to a lot of those guru lists. And I think that it is very valuable to watch those guys and learn from them. I think that those guys are the closest thing that we have today to the old-school direct marketers. Nobody reads books on copy anymore. But those guys do. It is an art and guys like Frank Kern have mastered it.

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