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How to Look at Mobile Results and Sites from Desktop

As we continue to develop for Mobile as a priority (“Mobile First”), it helps to be constantly aware of what your mobile visitors are looking at when they find you in search results or what they are looking at when they see your site.  But, you don’t have to whip out your iPhone or Android […]

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amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive: A GREAT back-up storage solution

I am very impressed with Amazon Cloud Drive’s latest roll-out.  In a prior article, I discussed my family’s personal photo/video storage system.  And, Amazon was nowhere in that mix.  All of that recently changed. Here are some of the latest changes to its Cloud Drive app: Upload photos and videos from your camera roll. Upload […]

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Finding the Best Digital Storage Solution for your Family

I have spent years trying to perfect this one.  It’s a challenge.  Where/how do you house those precious pictures and videos?  What’s the best solution that will endure for many years?  Hard drives are great as a place to keep files – particularly, large video files.  But, if you have several hard drives, it’s hard […]

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Consumer Products that Just… Work…

Meet my clock – my alarm clock by my bedside.  This is a plain old GE alarm clock sold in the early ’90s.  My parents got it for me when I went off to Vanderbilt.  Here is a consumer product that works.  And, it has kept on working since I was a freshman in college […]

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Omnifocus: The key to keeping my day on track

I am a big fan of Omnifocus.  It’s a great mobile app.  But, it’s a great desktop app, as well.  It really does a great job of keeping my life in order.  Admittedly, I don’t max it out to its full product management capabilities.  Even still, I have found it to be very beneficial in […]

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New WordPress Feature: Centralized Management through Jetpack

A great new feature of WordPress launched this week – centralized management of all of your blogs through the WordPress.com platform.  This is a really great feature and I am extremely happy with it. If you manage multiple blogs, this is the answer to a lot of your problems.  You can go to one centralized […]

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Does Your Small Business Need a Mobile App? Probably Not.

If you have a small business, no doubt, you get a call about once a week from a company trying to build a mobile application for you.  And, you probably find yourself wondering whether you actually need one or not. As of June, 2014, there are over 1.2 million apps in the iOS App Store.  There are […]

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Organic “under” attribution – the challenge for SEO programs

This article appeared on Search Engine Land back in July.  Although it isn’t completely scientific, it does seem to suggest that organic clicks are now flowing into the DTI/Navigational channel for sites that rely on Google for organic traffic.  This is a huge problem for most companies that want to understand the value of their SEO […]

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Henry Ayres: From NC to the War to Robertson County

My 4th Great Grandfather, Henry Ayres, was born in Lunenburg, Virginia (Bedford County) in 1748.  Henry was a 6th generation American.  The first Ayres came to the U.S. in 1620 from England. Henry married Susanna Elder in 1781 in Surrey, NC.  I find it interesting that they married by the publishing of Bonds – as was the custom […]

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