Impact of Tim Corbin on the Vandy Baseball Program

bildeAs a Vanderbilt fan, I am a huge Tim Corbin fan.  I know what he means to the program.  But, I thought I would take a look at, statistically, what his impact has been.

I took a look at his winning % throughout his tenure since 2003.



He has taken the program from winning just 49% of his games in Year 1 to a 72% winning percentage in the last 5.

But, to truly assess the impact of Tim at Vanderbilt, you really need to back further.  I went back from 1981 to present.


And, when you do, it is clear that the Corbin era has blessed us with a lot more winning than we had before.  From 1981 (Roy Mewbourne era) Vanderbilt won 52% of their games.  Since Corbin, 72%.

No playoff accomplishments pre-Corbin.  Since Corbin, this is what the Commodores have accomplished:



Utterly amazing.


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