Westcliffe, CO

While driving back from Trailwest Younglife Camp (in Buena Vista, Colorado), we stopped at a Shell Station in Westfield, CO.  I jogged across tIMG_1682.JPGo that trash can in the background of the picture.  I jogged because that truck in the picture was waiting on the pump.  When the guy got out of his truck, he said, “you didn’t need to run.  I wouldn’t hit you.”  I said, “I just wanted to hustle to get out of [his] way.”  The man says, “nobody moves fast in Westfield, Colorado.  I believe it.  What a cool little town!  It seemed so laid back.  A gas station or 2, a bar, a diner and some small stores.  Great place to live.

Here’s how the rest of the conversation went.

GUY IN TRUCK:  Where do you live?

ME:  Dallas

GUY IN TRUCK:  I’m sorry.

He went on to tellIMG_1680.JPG IMG_1681.JPG me how about once a year, the skies turn red behind these mountains in the picture.  (which I assume is/are northern lights).

It was a Saturday.  My new friend drove off.  I am sure his day was a lot more relaxed than mine was.




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