Future Crimes: A Must Read in Today’s World

41mpdV2VqdL._SL110_I am currently reading “Future Crimes” by Mark Goldman.  Fascinating book.  Early in the book, the author points out that if you read it, there is no going back.  I believe it.  It’s true.

Sure, over time, we have all heard about the myriad of cyber attacks, exposing credit card and highly personal information.  But, this book provides so many examples that you don’t even know about in an effort to reveal the true scale of this problem.

A central premise of this book is really that nothing you put online is sacred.  It’s all up for grabs by hackers and cyber attackers.  And, we – as a society – are all too willing to hand over our privacy to companies and institutions with little thought as to the potential implications if our private data is compromised.

I do think that the threats presented in the portion of the book concerning the marketing data being used by companies like Google and Facebook is a bit overstated.  The fact is – advertisers do make informed purposes based on demographic data.  However, this data is simply used to more effectively target consumers.  Essentially, you get more relevant advertising, depending on what you are interested in.

This is a fantastic book that really does open your eyes to the threats imposed by privacy risks in our world, today.

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