Porter Family Bible Genealogy

From the Porter Family Bible – the Porter family of Robertson County, TN. This Bible was owned by Grace Randolph Porter.

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James Johnston (1759-1850)

James Johnston was known as “Old Sugar Mouth” of Bell Witch fame.  He was born September 16, 1759 and died April 22, 1850, in Robertson County, Tennessee. Spouse: Rebecca Porter (12/22/1759-1802).  Married:  7/5/1780 (Daughter of David Porter and Mary Thompson) Jane Greer:  Married 12/30/1803.  No children. Bio:  James Johnston came to Robertson County, in 1800. […]

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Google Breadcrumbs Update for Mobile

Another week brings another noteworthy update launched by Google around mobile search listings. This update introduces breadcrumbs and site names into Google’s mobile results. For Google, this is a continued part of improving the usability of their mobile search results. For brands, it means a couple of new areas to potentially make updates to ensure […]

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How I Turned My Sprinkler System Into a “Smart Sprinkler System”

I have a house that was built in 1991.  And, I imagine that the sprinkler system is probably from that era, as well.  It always bothers me when it rains and I think about turning my sprinkler system off – when I am not around to actually do it!  Some units sold today have a […]

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Bell Witch Map

I have been working on a Bell Witch map – highlighting particular points of interest in the Bell Witch legend.  I have a particularly keen sense of interest in this legend, given my genealogical connection.    

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Magic Jack: Takes 15 minutes and may save you $300

I am always looking for small ways to save money with stuff around the house.  It always kills me that people will get up at 3 a.m. on Black Friday to save $75 on a television but they won’t do the little things that save real money.  It is in that spirit that I went […]

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John Donelson, my 7th Grand Uncle and Founder of Nashville

John Donelson (1718-1785) was born in Virginia.  He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses before moving to the Watauga settlements  in East Tennessee.  Along with James Robertson, he cofounded Fort Nashborough in 1780, which would eventually become Nashville, TN.  John Donelson is also the father of Rachel Stokley Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson.  Therefore, this makes Andrew Jackson […]

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How I am Related to Patrick Henry (My 7th Great Uncle)

Patrick Henry (1736-1799) is well known as the orator behind American independence.  Hailing from Virginia, he was the Governor of Virginia.  He led the opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765 and became a champion of Republicanism.  He was also my 7th Great Uncle.  This is how I am related to Patrick Henry: Hugh Henry (1720-1808) | […]

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How I am Related to Robert the Bruce, King of Scots (my 20th Great Grandfather)

Robert I, or Robert the Bruce was the King of Scotland.  In pop culture, he is also known as the King in Braveheart.  He led Scotland during the first wars of Scottish Independence (as depicted in Braveheart).  But, to me, he is my 20th great grandfather.  And, this is how I am related to him […]

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Marketing Secrets of the Donald Trump Campaign

Well, you gotta’ hand it to him:  like him or hate him, Trump knows how to get the word out.  Never has there been a Presidential candidate who has caused such a splash.  According to Google Trends data, Trump gets 5-7X as many searches for his name in Google as Hillary Clinton (the next most […]

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