Best DVD Ripper for Your Kids’ Movies

If you are like me, you have a ton of DVD’s sitting around.  Some of them are scratched up.  Some can’t be found.  You find a case, but who knows where the DVD is?  And, you may have 3 TV’s and only one DVD player.  As we move toward a more digital world, what can be done to leverage all of those DVD’s and turn them into usable modern media?  Answer:  digitize them, of course!  I have a policy of ripping as soon as the DVD comes in the house.  That way, it’s never lost.

And, once you digitize them, you might want to review my previous post on using those DVD’s in building out your car’s private family media server.  

I am a Mac user.  And, for years, I have used Handbrake.  Handbrake was the best tool for years.  But, I now feel like it is not that reliable.  Many times, DVD’s fail to rip with Handbrake.  This is an all too frequent occurrence.  And, those that do rip take a very long time.  In that spirit, I struck out to find a new solution to an old probably:  the perfect DVD ripper.

The answer I came up was the MacX DVD Ripper Pro for the Mac and the MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows.  It’s priced at $39.95.  Yes – it is a paid product.  But, to me, it’s worth the hassle of wasting time with an inferior software product.


You can use it to rip even encrypted DVDs to iPhone, iPad, iPod and iMovie formats.   MacX DVD Ripper give you the easy way to rip all type of encrypted DVD and copy-protected DVD (remove DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney, etc). Thus you could make a perfect backup for your favorite DVD movies.


This is how it works and how easy it is to use:
MacX_DVD_Ripper_ProThis is how the UI looks when you load it up.  Getting a DVD ripped is as simple as 3 steps.

(See the corresponding numbers in the pic to the left.)

1.  Click the DVD button to load up the DVD that you want to rip.  Once it is loaded up, you simply select the actual movie.  Of course, the movie will generally be a good deal longer than every other clip that you have the option to select from.

2.  I would always select this option for “Use High Quality Engine”.

3.  Hit “Run”.  It’s really that simple.

Ping me if you have any questions.  I have found it to be super simple to use.



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