How I am Related to Patrick Henry (My 7th Great Uncle)

Patrick Henry (1736-1799) is well known as the orator behind American independence.  Hailing from Virginia, he was the Governor of Virginia.  He led the opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765 and became a champion of Republicanism.  He was also my 7th Great Uncle.  This is how I am related to Patrick Henry:


  • Hugh Henry (1720-1808) | Mary Donalson (1720-1810).  Hugh was my 6th great grandfather and the first of his line in America.  He was born in Virginia.  And, he was the older brother of Patrick Henry.
  • David Henry (1753-1846) | Priscilla E Mooring (1761-1840)  David Henry was the first to migrate to Robertson County, TN.
  • Isaac David Henry (1802-1834) | Elizabeth Winfield (1807-1882)  Isaac was the first of this line to be born in Robertson County.
  • Edward Porter (1818-1898) | Cordelia Porter (1824-1862)
  • Bryant W. Porter (1845-1910) | Nancy A. Powell (1839-1901)
  • Thomas Jasper Porter (1876-1951) | Maud Myrtle Rose (1881-1907)
  • Willie S. Ayres (1894-1948) | Virginia Elise Porter Ayres (1904-2005)
  • Bob Ayres | Marion Ayres
  •  Phil Ayres
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