Tips to Save on Gogo Wifi on Flights

On your next flight, you might need Wifi.  Over time, Gogo keeps raising prices.  But, do not despair.  There are ways to save money on Gogo.  Here are a few of my tips for saving on Gogo.

  • Buy your code before you get on the plane.  It will be cheaper.  I am flying right now.  If I were to have purchased my Gogo access on the plane, it would be $21 for this particular flight I am on.  By pre-paying before I get on the flight, it was $16 – gogoFOR THE ENTIRE DAY!  There are also different plans available if you pre-buy that are not available once you are on the plane.  I am sure it’s because “they’ve got you!”  And, they can do about whatever they want because you need wifi.
  • Use a Promotional Code. has some great codes to give you discounts on Gogo.  Always check there before you buy your access.
  • Stock-pile 1 hour codes on the cheap (not bough on the plane).  Sometimes, you aren’t flying 6 hours.  And, it’s over-kill to have an all-day code or even a code for the entire flight.  Sometimes, the flight is 1.5-2 hours.  Or, maybe, you want a little bit of Internet time and some spreadsheet or movie time?  So, why not have a bevy of 1 hour codes purchased for $5 – for when you need then.  You can buy the codes.  And, when you get on the plane and login to your Gogo account, your Gogo admin panel will tell you that you have codes that you can use.
  • If you are having problems with slow wifi, chat with Gogo.  If you get on the plane and your wifi is not performing as planned (happens), go back to where you logged in.  Click on “live help”.  There will chat a chat option.  Gogo is usually pretty cool about it.  Tell them about your slow access.  And, if it persists, usually, they will send you a code for wifi on your next trip.
  • To speed things up, use a browser with a page shrinking, faster speed protocol.  Opera Turbo is a good one.  Chrome is good.  I use Chrome on a daily basis.  But, when flying, side-by-side comparisons have shown that Opera is just a little bit faster.  In essence, it shrinks pages, enabling them to be served up quicker.

Sometimes, shelling out the cash for wifi is a little painful.  But, you can lessen the pain with a little preparation.





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