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Schema address structured data tool

This is a really great tool for doing some quick and dirty structured data (schema) for a site.  If you need to insert an address onto a site using structured data (This is particularly helpful for local business.), this is a great tool to use. Source: Schema address structured data tool

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Lessons I Learned From Nintendo Games

Boy, did I love Nintendo!  I remember when I got mine.  And, when I got new games, I would play and play them until I beat them – sometimes, in a couple of days.  I remember going to Phar-Mor  in Rivergate to rent games for $1.50/game.  Frequently, I would play them for 2-3 days, beat […]

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Who is On My Baseball Glove?

When you are a kid who loves baseball, the players that autograph your glove are very important!  These are the players who left their mark on your most sacred piece of property.  This was my glove from the time I was 8 thru 11 (I think).  I accumulated these autographs through many trips to Sounds […]

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Why I Left the Law for Digital Marketing

Eight years ago, I left the legal field behind.  I worked with a fantastic little firm in Nashville, TN.  But, I left anyway. After my first year of law school, I knew that law just wasn’t for me.  I clerked with the Tennessee Supreme Court and the U.S. Attorney’s Office after that first summer.  While these […]

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Story of the AOL Running Man & the Demise of AOL

I’ve always been curious about the origin of this.  But, here’s the story. “The [running man] design came about because I was spending a lot of time looking at 1940s and ’50s postwar American logos and trademarks. If you go back to ’40s and ’50s logos and trademarks, you’ll see that there’s actually quite a […]

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New WordPress Feature: Centralized Management through Jetpack

A great new feature of WordPress launched this week – centralized management of all of your blogs through the platform.  This is a really great feature and I am extremely happy with it. If you manage multiple blogs, this is the answer to a lot of your problems.  You can go to one centralized […]

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Why the Elf on the Shelf Failed at Marketing

I know.  I know.  You see the elf everywhere and you think, “this is a HUGE marketing success!”  But, hear me out.  It could have been done better. As a parent of three, I appreciate the Elf on the Shelf legend.  It’s a nice little addition to Christmas.  Keeping kids on their toes through a […]

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Phil Ayres post 1

Recently, I had the good fortune of being able to purchase this domain.  This domain is now the new home of Phil Ayres.  I am the Director of SEO and Affiliates at Travelocity.

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