Why I Left the Law for Digital Marketing

Eight years ago, I left the legal field behind.  I worked with a fantastic little firm in Nashville, TN.  But, I left anyway.

After my first year of law school, I knew that law just wasn’t for me.  I clerked with the Tennessee Supreme Court and the U.S. Attorney’s Office after that first summer.  While these were good clerkships, it was at this ZC Ayres3point that I realized that the law just wasn’t fulfilling to me.

Being an attorney is about “maintaining”.  Your days are full of billing in increments of hours – if you work at a firm.  It’s not about building something.  I never found satisfaction in billing my day in increments of an hour.  At the end of the day, you just billed a bunch of hours and you built nothing.

Years ago, I decided that I was a builder.  I like to take things that don’t exist or are okay and make them fantastic.  I love the satisfaction of numbers:  revenue, EBITDA, orders, visitors, etc..  Law does not offer that.  And, I like to be creative.

When I got into digital marketing, I found a career path that was full of creativity.  It’s truly a wild west.  New channels are constantly evolving or being opened.  I love the fact that the guy who just got into the game can bring in a perspective that can teach a thing or 2 to the old guard.

I love the fact that numbers govern everything we do in digital marketing.  It’s all about visitors, conversions, orders, revenue.  You can truly see your impact on a daily basis for the business and the industry.  And, it’s a true outlet for creative people who want to re-invent an industry and help it evolve.

I still have many friends in the practice of law.  Some enjoy it.  But, many still tell me, “I wish I had done what you did.”  It was a scary path to choose a career like this 8 years ago – when there really was no career path.  But, I felt that the chance at job satisfaction and enjoying your life everyday was worth the risk.  And, truthfully, it has been worth it.  I have loved every day I have ever spent in digital.

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