Google Breadcrumbs Update for Mobile

Another week brings another noteworthy update launched by Google around mobile search listings. This update introduces breadcrumbs and site names into Google’s mobile results.

For Google, this is a continued part of improving the usability of their mobile search results. For brands, it means a couple of new areas to potentially make updates to ensure quality organic listings. Below are the main points to consider:

#1 Site Name

  • Google will be showing site names such as “Wikipedia” instead of domains like “” now.
  • Action Needed: Google may not always get the site name correct or ideal. To set preferred site name, markup can be added to the site’s header.
  • Technical Details: There are 2 kinds of accepted markup, which can be seen here: ¬†JSON-LD recommended as Google seems to be pushing that as their preferred markup.

#2 Breadcrumb

  • On deeper pages on the site, the page’s breadcrumbs will be included in the listing.
  • Action Needed: Breadcrumbs may have mistakes meaning these also need to be inspected. For both mobile and desktop, breadcrumbs should be marked up to ensure Google uses the proper names for each breadcrumb.
  • Technical Details: Markup must be added directly around the breadcrumb in the HTML, which can be found here:



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